Sunday, January 9, 2011

Reason, Season, Lifetime.... part 2

I think we both just had other things going on in our lives and somehow we let those things take precedence over our friendship. It’s sad how I let that happen, that I let such an important person be placed on a back burner. I wish there was some way to fix what changed.
To go back to the way we were.
But maybe our reason or season
has come to an end. Maybe all we’ll have
from this point forward is the occasional
chat to catch up a little and say Hi.

If you noticed, these both were male friends.

Yes, that IS possible. A persons gender has nothing
to do with their ability to be a good friend.
I can go on and on with stories about these two men.
 How they have helped me and been there for me,
 just as I have for them......but......maybe another time.......

Then there
’s "The Girls". You know, the ones that have been there through everything. During different times in my life there have been different friends. Again, circumstances and people change. Life happens. But the past 12 years or so have brought several women into my life. I should mention here that they range in age from 27 to 41 years old.....yes, I’m the "old" lady in the group, LOL. All these women are in my life for different reasons. One is my "burgers and beers" friend, who I love to death, another is my "Penelope" she is irreplaceable, another keeps me "grounded" and there are so many others. These are the girls who make me smile, laugh, cry, mad, etc........the one’s who keep my life going. They are the ones who know thing’s about me that no one else does....the ones who at times I wish didn’t know so much, lol. Women who with a single word or phrase can either make me laugh until I pee my pants or feel like I wanna crawl in a hole and hide. I actually had that happen last night........

My good friend called on her way home from work to tell me of something that happened at work. It reminded me of very good times that I spent with her. I laughed soooooooo hard. Then as we kept going down the path of memory lane, she said a single name....yeah......something that never should have happened......but again, that’
s what friends are for right? To remind us of things past, to keep us in line, to love us no matter what.

I don’t get to see these women very often since I moved, but we keep in contact... some daily, some weekly...but we keep in CONTACT, that’s the important thing! I’ve decided that I "need" to make more time to see them and hopefully they can do the same. I miss them. I don’
t want anymore friends on the back burner. Life is short, so I want to make the most of it. I want to visit these women and laugh until I pee my pants...... I love them all........

Then there’
s the "Internet" friends........

Part 3, yet to come...........

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